Who is Scott Sohr

Scott SohrScott Sohr is the president of STS Ventures, a Nashville-based company that operates as an incubator for the conception and development of successful start-ups across a wide range of industries. The company creates entrepreneurial opportunities for exceptional people.

My role is to find talented people and guide them into the right teams, get them focused on the right things so they can make monumental things happen. The bottom line is work should be fun, and when a group of talented people are pulling toward the same goal, that’s when it gets really fun. – Scott Sohr

The teams he has been a part of have contributed to the growth and development of 13 successful companies with a collective revenue of more than $2.4 billion within a variety of industries, including healthcare, renewables, technology, real estate and fintech. Combined, these companies created more than 8,000 new jobs throughout the southeastern United States.

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Author: Scott Sohr

Scott Sohr is a Nashville-based entrepreneur who has contributed to the conception, development, and management of more than 13 successful businesses over the last 30 years.