About Scott T. Sohr

As a young boy, Scott T. Sohr was taught that hard work and passion were the two most important components in business. With these values instilled in him at an early age, it is no wonder that Scott T. Sohr has enjoyed so many successes over his thirty-year career. His areas of expertise include real estate investment and development, healthcare administration, and engineered materials.

While still in college, Scott T. Sohr founded an entrepreneurial endeavor as a commissioned sales representative. He was able to assemble an exceptionally skilled team of engineers, customer service representatives, and sales staff to market custom plastic compounds to manufacturing plants across the United States and abroad. Scott T. Sohr owned this business from 1983 until 2010 when the original corporation bought back his interest in the company.

Throughout nearly three decades, Scott T. Sohr structured his business in a way that he was able to take a largely hands-off approach. This afforded him the opportunity to expand his professional pursuits into real estate, environmental services, and healthcare. Scott T. Sohr is one of the original founders of Health Cost Solutions and Correct Care Solutions. HCS provides third-party administration of healthcare benefits to businesses while CCS oversees the health care of imprisoned individuals across the United States.

Scott T. Sohr has also taken an interest in commercial real estate, and in 2010 formed Elmington Capital. According to Elmington’s website, the company is a privately owned investment firm that creates opportunities to provide income to its partners through capital appreciation across a diverse portfolio of assets.

While in college at Auburn University, Scott T. Sohr met his future wife. The two have been married for nearly 30 years and have four children. Sohr holds an undergraduate degree in Materials Engineering and an MBA from the Owen School of Management at Vanderbilt University.