Scott T. Sohr Discusses Real Estate Trends in Tennessee

Nashville entrepreneur and real estate developer Scott Sohr holds an MBA from the Owen School of Management at Vanderbilt University. With nearly three decades of management experience, Scott Sohr has succeeded in an environment of challenging and profitable business endeavors. Q: How is the Tennessee housing market this year? Scott T. Sohr: It has exceeded expectations. Real estate authorities expectMiddle Tennessee property values to continue to increase this year. Q: To what extent has the market exceeded expectations? Scott T. Sohr: Last year most experts predicted the average property prices to increase nationally by approximately 1 percent. Nashville’s projected increase was 2 to 3 percent. So far those estimates have been pretty accurate. Q: Are other Tennessee metropolitan areas experiencing the same level of success?  Scott T. Sohr: The Memphis economy is recovering at … Continue reading “Scott T. Sohr Discusses Real Estate Trends in Tennessee”

Scott T. Sohr Discusses “Country Living” at Arrington Retreat

Scott T. Sohr, a self-made entrepreneur, has a strong understanding of business management. For 25 years he has identified and fulfilled the unmet need of companies across many industries. One of his recent ventures is the Arrington Retreat development in Tennessee. Q: Where is Arrington Retreat located? Scott T. Sohr: Arrington Retreat is located in Williamson County, … Continue reading “Scott T. Sohr Discusses “Country Living” at Arrington Retreat”

Scott T. Sohr Says Amenities Are Plentiful at Winterset Woods

Scott T. Sohr, a Nashville-based developer, offers properties that feature peaceful settings, scenic locations, short commutes to work, and luxurious amenities. Located in Williamson County is the Winterset Woods community, offering all of the above and much more. Recently, Scott T. Sohr explained why Winterset Woods is an ideal residential development for families relocating to … Continue reading “Scott T. Sohr Says Amenities Are Plentiful at Winterset Woods”